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You must use Sign in with Smartsheet when you log in to your Resource Management account to use this feature.

Create an advanced report

  1. Create a report in Resource Management that captures the necessary data. Use filters to refine your data and avoid running into sheet row limit errors.
  2. SelectAdvanced report.
  3. Enter a name for the report and choose a destination workspace.
  4. Select your data refresh settings - either automatic or manual.
    • Automatic refresh:Data in the sheet used by the report/dashboard will be refreshed automatically on a daily basis, approximately 24 hours from when the advanced report was created. Users can choose to trigger a manual refresh if they need updated data before the 24-hour mark.
    • Manual refresh:Data in the sheet used by the report/dashboard will not change until a user chooses to manually refresh it from the Analytics page in Resource Management. This can be done either from the kabob menu in the Saved Reports list, or from a similar kabob menu in the header of the report in RM.
  5. SelectCreate.
    • ThePreview Report… option shows you a similar report with sample data.
  6. SelectView advanced report, and Smartsheet will open the report in a different window.

The advanced report might take a few minutes to load, and you might need to refresh the Smartsheet assets to see the new data.

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Advanced reports | Smartsheet Learning Center (1)

If you need a large subset of data, you can create multiple advanced reports (one for each subset) based on your filters. Then, you can create a multi-sheet report in Smartsheet with all of the needed information.

Work in Smartsheet

A Smartsheet source sheet, row report, and dashboard are generated automatically for each advanced report. Some reports have additional specific resources as well.

Smartsheet source sheet

A source sheet is created from the data in the Resource Management report. More columns are visible in Smartsheet than in Resource Management. Some columns have column formulas to make the data more accessible in Smartsheet.

You cannot rename or delete columns. Renaming or deleting columns causes the data workflow to break, and data will not automatically sync from Resource Management.

The data for the source is pulled from the Resource Management report according to the data refresh settings determined when the report was created: automatically every 24 hours or manually. However, you can always use theRefresh data option in the Resource Management report to update the data when needed.

Daily date-based data is automatically pulled into Smartsheet and summarized at the weekly level to help avoid hitting the 20,000-row limit in Smartsheet.

If you want to see monthly or quarterly data, use the grouping settings in the report in Smartsheet.

Sheet summary

The sheet summary also summarizes the overall data that was pulled from Resource Management.

Manually set the working hours per day in the sheet summary.

Customize the source sheet

You can customize the reports and dashboards that come in the advanced report by customizing the source sheet. Changes made to them will persist after the data is refreshed or the advanced report is updated. Source sheet changes can break the advanced report, however:


Renaming data sheet columns


Renaming columns in the source sheet will break the data refresh process and could affect reports and dashboards that use those columns. You can recover from accidental column renames by reverting to the original name.

Deleting sheet columns


Deleting sheet columns causes failure for automatic and manual data refreshes. This can be restored by reverting name changes or recreating deleted columns with the same name.

Reordering sheet columns


Data refreshes will continue without a problem.

Deleting data rows


Deleted rows will be readded during the next refresh. Report/sheet filters should be used to hide data that doesn’t need to be viewed.

Sorting data


New data will be added to the bottom of the sheet, requiring a report.

Changing Column Types


Changing column types does not affect the refresh process but may affect downstream formulas, charts, etc., if they expect a specific column type.

Smartsheet report

Therow report in Smartsheet displays the filtered data from the report in Resource Management and uses the created sheet as the source.

Project is the default grouping setting for Budget, Expense, and Time & Fees reports. Team Member is the default grouping setting for utilization reports.

You can adjust the columns displayed, filters, grouping, and summaries as needed. Because the source sheet displays more information, you have more options for columns, filters, grouping, and summaries than you do in Resource Management.

Smartsheet dashboard

Dashboards are also created for each report. The dashboards vary depending on the report type. You cancustomize the dashboards as needed.

Additional Smartsheet reports

Some advanced reports include additional reports to showcase the additional value that can be derived from the dataset in the related sheet. These additional reports are displayed as charts or reports in the advanced report’s dashboard. They can be customized or deleted if they aren’t needed (if they are deleted, the related widgets on the dashboard should also be deleted).

Learn more about the additional reports in advanced budget, expense, time and fees, or utilization reports.

Manage saved reports in Resource Management

Navigate to the Analytics page in Resource Management to view all saved reports. If you have created an advanced report, you can see the last time the data was refreshed or if there were any errors.

Use the menu to delete a report if needed. Deleting a report in Resource Management will not affect any related Smartsheet assets, although they will no longer automatically update.

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Advanced reports | Smartsheet Learning Center (2)

Advanced reports | Smartsheet Learning Center (2024)
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